Friday, March 26, 2010

Man vs Mooseman -- Back on the saddle finally!

Actually awake at 05:00(AM)! Must be getting edgy in my old age...

It has taken a while to get some safe conditions for a hard bike ride, but there is plenty of spinning going on, and I'll admit I prefer a good hard hour of spinning to an out-door slosh and wash. Particularly if I have to do the wash at work. (My road bike prefers it too, just ask her!) So, I'm glad I got to Wellesley today for a Spynergy class. Never did one with such high (>120) cadence before. Usually the coaches want to stay around 60-80 rpm, and load on the resistance. I got plenty hot and sweaty in there, and only had water and part of an apple beforehand. No cramps or roll-ups on the bike, so I'll take that as a healthy workout. I'll be swimming later on today hopefully at Zesiger, which I hear is frequently underused in the afternoon.

Checking back in now at the end of the day, and I did get to the pool for only about an hour of work at MIT. It is a very nice facility, and I'd love to get the family over there for some long-term lap swimming. Makes me wonder if the lads could do an effective swim anymore if their lives depended on it. And it would be great to see Carol in a Speedo sometime. (She just needs confidence.) Should have done photographs.

I ended the workout with a right-leg cramp in my calf, the toe-pointer muscle (gastrocnemius). I could have gone on for a while, but didn't want to tempt fate. Wasn't completely uncontrollable, but I had trouble working it loose. Drinking water didn't help, but walking did finally work it free. By that time I was cooled down and had to pack it in. A one-month pass to Zesiger for April will do nicely though! Run class tomorrow...

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