Thursday, March 4, 2010

Man versus Mooseman: Training Log 3

Added another day of individual swim training at Bally's Cambridge pool. (Need to remember photographs next time.) I got in about an hour, though I was not in motion continuously for all of that. The balance drills went much better than they have so far. Also, it was evident after the piddling motion from my still-pretty-lame flutter kick that adding the arms with more stretch and focus did increase my distance per stroke. I've pushed the hands quite a bit deeper now instead of dragging them across my middle, and with a catch-up drill in the works, I was making it across the 20 yard pool in about seven or eight strokes. That's not very good yet, but it is a lot better than it had been. I'll have to go back and slap that guy who taught me those short-arm strokes; he put me in a bad habit all those 38 years ago. Funny I never recognized the problem.

I did indeed practice the back and side-balance drills, with a few of my own variations in the side drill. I'm not realizing much in gains from the balance yet, but at least my kick is getting stronger now. If I can keep those gains despite the humiliation drills from training practices, there will at least be some hope of improving my stroke, at least as long as I survive the frustration. And while I'm still getting water in my sinuses during that silly side roll, I may be able to cut that down with more practice. What a pain, though! And not very sanitary for the pool, either.

Anyway, I may indeed go back to the Saturday practice at the College, just to learn the other drills. I have to anticipate that it will be very disappointing experience again, and just resolve to get out of there when its over and go practice, which I may enjoy more now. I do need to use a longer, deeper pool from now on, because four feet is too shallow, and 20 yards is too easy to cover now.

For tonight, I need to either run in the dark, or cycle indoors.

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