Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Man vs Mooseman - Fundraising

I need to be clear about fund-raising in this political environment. I have posted a link button to my fund-raising web page on my FB profile, and it is included above and below on this blog page. I appreciate anyone who would help me achieve my minimum of $2700.00 as is required for me to participate in the Mooseman Tri with the Team In Training. I will donate any and all of the remaining difference between what I have and what I need by 28 March (Sunday).

Our present Congress and President have not put me in a good position to ask for charitable support for cancer research and cancer patients. No one now is, or should be, in a particularly generous mood. However, the issues of medical insurance and cancer research are still logically (and therefore practically) separable. For the time being at least, your support can be very efficacious for current cancer victims and their families. And it can definitely help see to it that blood cancers are eliminated within our lifetimes.

The only good reason to give to my cause is that you see blood-related cancers as an on-going threat to you and those you love. I certainly consider them a threat to me, though I'm not a cancer patient at this point. Additionally, you might support me out of respect for those you know who have battled these diseases, win, lose, or draw. I have decided this year not to solicit from anyone whom I know to be an immediate cancer survivor; they have already done enough to fight cancer. I'll take their part in making my goals.

However, if you are looking for a way to lend your support to leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma researchers, patients, and patients' families, here is a way to do it. Visit my FB profile and hit the "donate" button, or go to my donors web page now. Thank you.

- Dale

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