Sunday, April 13, 2008

Training Week 10 -- Boxboro to the Res for 53 miles

Jack Sanders joined us for the first time, and Katie from the TNTMA office was there to provide smiles and encouragement for our soaky wet ride.

I'm healthy again, and that is for sure. And just to make sure that didn't last too long, nature threw the toughest week yet at us, for daring to cycle around the Reservoir again. It was cool, below 50 and part of the time below 40 degrees, and the light to moderate rain was relentless.

The team getting ready at Boxboro Holiday Inn parking lot. Clouds threaten from the west.

We set out to cover 53 miles, going around the Boxboro warm-up leg near the ball park, and then heading out west and south to the Reservoir, one of our favorite rides. Lots of rolling hills and usually very beautiful scenery. But the emphasis today would wind up being technique, endurance, and grit. Heavy on the grit, because we were getting it in our mouths the whole way around the Res and back.

A moderate rainfall set in. The roads were never overrun, so we weren't in any danger, but the trail was wet and dirty. Wheel-spray kept us from slip-streaming or tandem riding much.

The weather today: Cool, wet, and crappy!

The rain started when we got to Clinton, and it kept on keepin' on. So did we! One of us took a spill in traffic, due to a bad pot hole, which was the toughest obstacle we faced today. Road conditions in the area are the worst ever after a winter. We really have to keep our eyes on the road in front, and be sure to point out hazards to following riders.

Now here's another point: Drivers today were extremely touchy, and ready to lean on the horn at the slightest provocation. Even when they were coming from the opposite direction and were not waiting for us. Come on, folks, what do you think we are doing out here? Is it really that important to get around us so you can wait at the next stop light? Nobody cycles on a day like today just for the fun of it.

The SAG vehicle (soak vehicle?) provides some liquid and solid refreshment for us, but we find it is better to keep going rather than wait anywhere today!

Well, like we always say, it wasn't chemotherapy. But it was about as sucky as you could want it to be training in the weather. We're all better for the experience, and unless Tahoe throws a curve at us with snow or something, we're expecting some improvement in the coming weeks.

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