Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Road Ahead -- Fund-raising deadline approaches!

Hello, TNT cycling fans! Today, on the cycling program we're going to look at money. Lots of it. Most of it on my donors web page at There you will see I'm at almost 80% of my $4100 minimum.

On May the 1st, TNT will have its $4100! That is because I have promised them I would supply the difference between what I had at that time and what they required for the minimum. So...if you were planning to help me out with a nice donation at some point (or even a mean one ;-) ) now would be a good time to check out the above link and kick in with a 1% contribution of $41.00, or more if you can spare it.

I've bought my own plane tickets to Lake Tahoe, and I'm taking my wife Carol along with me, at no cost to the program. So, do like the MOOSE does! (See Training Session 5 below.) Help me to help those suffering with blood cancers and their families. Help me to help the researchers find the cure!

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