Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fund-raising Update

I have just collected my 3500th dollar, and have only $600 more to go before I've reached my fund-raising goal of $4100. So, I'm at 85%, and in need of about 20 more $41.00 donations to get over the top. It's been a tough year to get responses. People are feeling the pinch at the gas pump, and trying to pay taxes on last year's investments from what remains after the January market downturn. Still, tax season is over, winter is leaving us, and we all know about where we stand now. Hopefully my gentle readers are feeling some relief at this point.

The fight against blood cancer goes on. We all know or have known people that are in the trenches, taking the medical treatments, or paying for them while they watch a loved one suffer away, often bravely fighting for their lives. My team and I mean to be there for them. So, if you find yourself thinking about charitable contributions for your 2008 tax year, I've got a good place in mind for you to consider! See my donors web page, and please contribute now! (You can believe it feels a lot better than chemotherapy.) Thank you for your support!

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