Saturday, February 13, 2010

Man versus Mooseman: Training Log 1

Met today with the TNTMA Triathlon team at Simmons College, and got a long list of names for participants. It is indeed a huge team. Why can't we get numbers like this for Century Rides? Certainly not for the relative ease of training!!!
We started with intros and pictures being taken (by the mentors, can you believe it?) of all the athletes present. (After that they took my photo.) Then it was to the lockers and the pool.
Nice pool they have at Simmons. Not much of a locker room, but hey, it's a women's college, so not much reason for a men's locker room. At the pool itself we got divided up into lanes, and I made the "A" team. "A" is for inexperienced, though I thought I swam reasonably well.
But this week's drills did not play to any strength I have in the water at all. I wish I could say I learned to do a lot, rather than to have to admit I've forgotten more than I remember about crawl strokes. Instead I learned about several things I can't do very well at this point. Hope for better days, as I was pretty down-in-the-mouth walking out, with the promise of having to do back floats and leg kicks all week till our next swim class. It wasn't chemotherapy by any means. Just very disappointing. I was hoping to have time to emphasize running, but looks like my swimming is in even worse shape. Run class Tuesday (a shoe clinic.)

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